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About Us



Sanitary Materials Company (SMC) distinguishes itself as one of the pioneers in the Bathroom Building Materials industry in the UAE. Since its inception in the early 70s, SMC has had a trajectory growth path as a world class leader in its sector – a success that ran along UAE’s swift transformation into a first world economy.
Established in 1974, Sanitary Materials Company easily carved a niche in Abu Dhabi market. By providing quality material, SMC was able to meet the demand of a constantly changing landscape across the Emirate. Armed with its strong brands and exclusive agencies for Hansgrohe Mixer (Germany), ROCA Sanitario and ROCA Ceramic Tiles (Spain) from early years, SMC managed to easily capture a significant market share with many landmark projects in its portfolio.
A subsidiary company of Al Rumaithy Investment Group, SMC is led by the powerful vision set by the Group’s Chairman and Members of the Board. With decades of experience and its constant pursuit for innovations, SMC has always met the stringent standards and high-end requirements of international consultants in the UAE. SMC supplied VIP palaces, 5-star hotels, military compounds, ministry and governmental offices, hospitals, oil and gas projects, malls, commercial and residential buildings with high-quality sanitary materials. Consequently, it is very rare to find a prestigious structure in the UAE capital that misses one of SMC brands.
Today, SMC’s Owners and Executive Management are committed to lead the industry through innovation and continue to set new benchmarks in the building materials supply industry for the region.


In the early 70s, our late father Dr. Mohamed Khamis Al Rumaithy, made a tough choice between being the First Undersecretary for the Ministry of Health and becoming a businessman.
He chose to quit the public sector and followed a vision towards the challenging path of business. In so doing, he became among the elite pioneers that taught a new generation the principled way to success. The extraordinary success of Al Rumaithy Establishments gave rise to Al Rumaithy Investment Group which includes SMC as one of its leading subsidiary companies.
Needless to say, the sustained market leadership of SMC is underpinned by the same fundamentals beliefs that guided our founders. We are very proud of our legacy and will keep on pursuing bigger achievements and progress with the timeless wisdom of the old generation and the adventurous spirit that drives us today.
At SMC, we measure our success by the quality of our work, the exemplary services we provide, and the conscientious follow ups that spell the difference between excellent and mediocre business. Our success is possible only through the efforts of everyone who supports us. We endeavor that the trail we leave behind is one of friendship firmly established on the solid ground of integrity.
While we do our best today, we are ever looking forward, aspiring for a greater impact as we add value to the industry and contribute more and more to nation building.

Ahmed Mohamed Al Rumaithy


SMC traces its roots to the vision of one man, our legendary founder, Mr. Badih Al Habil, who pursued what he believed was his best way of contributing to the country he adopted as his own.
Born in Syria in the early 1930s, Mr. Badih Al Habil was the epitome of frugality and hard work right from childhood. He lived through the horrors of World War II and knew what it was like to miss out on formal education. Yet, he allowed life’s difficulties to effectively educate him and transform him into a conscientiously wise man. He migrated to Kuwait in the early 1960’s, where he started as a salesman of sanitary wares in one of the prominent showrooms and quickly grasped the rudiments of business.
In 1971, he moved to Abu Dhabi where he started a side street shop selling sanitary materials using his life-savings. Gifted with a keen foresight, he saw what the developing city needed and introduced the ROCA Sanitario brand into the country just a year later. With his long-term vision, he saw the future with Hansgrohe and quickly became its exclusive agent in the UAE. Since then, he has helped Hansgrohe grow in the GCC in the last 50 years, having discerned at the earliest that it was a brand that would one day become a business empire in itself. His subsequent business partnership with the late Dr. Mohammad Khamis Al Rumaithy proved to be a decisive move that would signal the company’s meteoric rise to a preeminent industry status.
Through the cycle of crunch times and stiff competitions, Mr. Al Habil stayed ahead of the game with his tested formula of hard work and perseverance. A firm believer in fairness and integrity, Mr. Al Habil served as a shining example of good leadership. Until his last days, he was a father figure to many, a teacher passing on his legacy and indomitable spirit to the company and to everyone who interacted with him.
A true student of life, Mr. Al Habil became an inspiring lesson on how a lack of formal education is not a hindrance to becoming educated; that success is built and respect is earned not in the halls of a university but in the practical school of life. His business achievements are strongly matched by his philanthropy as proven by his steadfast support to charities and causes close to his heart. A deep sense of loyalty and affinity towards the people who surround him was a compelling driving force that made the pursuit of business success a worthwhile experience for everyone.
We owe the very fabric of our company life to Mr. Al Habil who gave his all to the success of every individual whom he took under his wings. We who had the privilege of witnessing a principled soul in action can only bless others by sharing the story of our glorious founder even long after he has passed away.
By this, we acknowledge that our present success is a legacy underpinned by the inspiration of a man who still lives in our collective experience and whose enduring work and life ethics still buoy up our business through the changing fortunes of times. Remembering our founder, is also our way of assuring all our stake holders that our journey is sure because we’re following timeless values that lead to lasting success.
Mr. Badih Al Habil, passed away on the 17th of July 2014 at the ripe old age of 84 years. Although he is not with us today, his spirit and legacy live on at SMC.May God Bless his soul.
Ahmed Mohamed Al Rumaithy
Chairman of RIG

Vice Chariman MESSAGE

Mr. Rashid Ahmed Al Rumaithy

Mr. Rashid Ahmed Al Rumaithi, an accomplished business man, a poet, and a true patriot.
Holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Plymouth, UK, Mr. Al Rumaithi serves as Vice Chairman of SMC possessing a strong business sense and leading the organization with zeal and energy.
Mr. Rashid is a national icon, having gained prominence after triumphing over 47 regional poets to become the first ever Emirati grand winner of the prestigious “Million’s Poet” contest in 2012. He believes that “the poet carries a cultural message and a big responsibility towards his community because his role in the society is a humanitarian one.”
Despite his achievements and popularity, Rashid Ahmed Al Rumaithi remains characteristically humble, a trait that endears him to colleagues and employees.
While devoted to military service at present, Mr. Rashid effectively serves on the Board of several prestigious organizations including Four Directions Group, Al Wahda Investment Company, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, Al Rumaithi Investment Group and Mehta Takaful Insurance Company.

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of SMC, Eng. Osama Ailabouni oversees all corporate operations including the day-to-day activities and functions of the company. Pursuing growth and modernization, he focuses on taking SMC into the digital era further strengthening its position in the market and expanding its Brand Portfolio. Eng. Osama is directly responsible for driving regional expansion and for setting new directions for the company in the highly competitive Middle Eastern market.

Born and raised in Saadiyat Abu Dhabi, Osama pursued his studies in one of the top universities in New Zealand. Combined with his local knowhow of the UAE market he was able to bring innovation into the companies he work with. In 2006 he helped establish Al Qudra Industrial Company then he joined Arkan Building Materials PJSC where he reported to the board of directors as the Strategic Planning Manager, where he was introduced to Mr. Ahmad Al Rumaithy. Late 2008, he joined Four Directions Group (private office of Chairman) as the Director of Development looking after all the related engineering companies within the Group.

Osama is proud to have been under the personal tutelage of SMC founder Mr. Badih Al Habil whom he counts as role model both in his personal life and career. After the passing away of Mr. Badih, Osama is now serving as the Managing Director of SMC. He is a loyal professional who wields the potent triumvirate of wisdom, grit and passion for innovation to navigate SMC through very challenging times. He has already introduced dynamic processes that shall propel SMC to new heights.

Mr. Osama holds a BE with Honors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and an MBA from the University of Canterbury.